Matua Lifecare Apartments & Cottages

Matua Lifecare and Apartments

A duplex of cottages and 6 new apartments were built as retired lifestyle living at Matua Lifecare Tauranga. 

The site was particularly challenging due to low lying land and a high natural groundwater level.  Extensive piling with 13m piles and extensive back filling including permanent drainage with pumps to remove water loading from the hill above the site were undertaken to ensure a sound foundation for development of these units.

The cottages and apartments were designed by Jigsaw architects and offer solutions for living for aging persons with the independance of a stand alone (or duplexed) cottage where owners are completely independant.  The apartment offer a similar level of independance but with the capacity for greater access to services as required without the need for full rest home or hospital care (offered on the site also).

The construction needed to accomodate existing residents.  The first residents moved in just as the final touchups were completed, despite challenging weather and ground conditions the project was completed on time.

Why Choose Us?

"It was a difficult site to contend with due to the drainage and piling required.  However the problems were overcome.  We made constant demands for changes as the construction progressed, but the team responded well to our requests.  Particular mention should be made of the Site Foreman who couldn’t have been more helpful, understood our needs and quite often was pro-active in raising questions to avoid issues later on."  

Bob Wooller, General Manager, Matua Village