Jordan's Residence

Jordan's Residence

Ranch Road, Mount Maunganui

This project involved the re-clad and re-roof of the adjoining garages of two flats and one flat’s dining room.  It was the responsibility of the Hawes Building Solutions team to identify any structural timber damage during the de-cladding and re-construction process.  Working with central building services (building surveyor), all timber within one meter of identified decay was marked up to be replaced with new framing of the correct treatment.  All other wall framing was treated with two coats of timber preservative.

The building was surveyed and drawings and design prepared for building consent.

The existing flat roofs between both flats were failing with inadequate falls and flashing detaining.  This required a new design of the re-pitching of the roofs to incorporate new trusses and roofing. 

The existing flat roof and parapet structure was removed.  Adjustments were made to the parapet walls in preparation for the installation of new trusses.  New soffits were framed and new fascia, spouting and down pipes were fitted.  The existing harditex cladding was removed and a new Sto plaster system was installed on an approved cavity system.  Finally new ceilings in both garages were framed and lined.  The interior and exterior of the Jordan’s residence was fully redecorated including painting floor coverings.

Regular meetings were held with the architect, engineer and clients and good relationships were established at all levels.  The project was completed on time and within budget.