Christensen's Residence

Bethlehem Heights

This project involved remedial design and construction to a property which had identified areas of weathertightness failure and sections of further likely future failure.  Consequently the building had been registered as a ‘leaky building’ under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006.

A remedial construction solution to the weathertightness failures and durability concerns was designed by Creative Space and Hawes Building Solutions Ltd was chosen to carry out the work.  The project involved the complete re-clad of  the 2-level residential property.  The building was fully encompassed with scaffolding and protected with tarpaulins as required for each phase.

All existing cladding was removed and any decayed framing or structural damage was replaced or repaired as it was discovered.  Careful planning and attention to detail was required in order to minimize the amount of internal refurbishment work.  All new construction was as per consented architectural drawings and specifications.  Construction was inspected by the building surveyor on a daily basis with regular inspections carried out by the local council as required.

The new cladding system was applied in strict accordance with the approved design.  Several alterations to the design to help improve the finished product were offered by Hawes Building Solutions Ltd.  Upon acceptance by the designers, these were then documented and approved for construction.

Regular site meetings were held with architects, designers and clients and good relationships were established at all levels.  The project was completed on time and within budget.