Lee Alteration

House Alteration for Sue and Marty Lee

This project started out as a resonably simple kitchen addition and minor alteration.  However, whilst making these alterations we discovered that the state of the existing enclosed deck structure was in a dire and dangerous condition and this same condition extended to a substantial amount of the existing cladding and wall framing.  Work revealed active leaks at locations in the old cladding system which were rectified by recladding on cavity with windows reflashed and refurbished ensuring a robust solution to extend the life of the house by many years.   

This was a stressful extension to the scope of work with final construction costing about 4 x the original budget due to requiring to reclad over half of the house, replace clerestory windows, completely replace the old deck structure with new and replacement of retaining wall.  The existing EIFS (Exterior insulation & finishing system - polystyrene and plaster system) was replaced with fibrecement weatherboards on cavity to over half of the existing house.  The nature of the work was such that it could not have been determined without destructive investigation at which point it requires addressing regardless.

The clients were fantastic to deal with and were philosophical about the unexpected increase in costs and delays in construction due to additional design and consent amendments to be processed.  We endeavoured to keep good communication and transparency of costs throughout this process.  The owners love the new apartment style open-plan living with indoor-outdoor flow to new decks clad in sustainably sourced Garapa.