Mark Hawes

Company Director Mark Hawes is a qualified carpenter with 24 years served in the building industry. He has excellent experience in many facets of construction. Throughout his career he has been involved with a variety of residential, industrial, retail and commercial projects. These include traditional timber framed construction and metal partitioning through to larger steel frame, precast and in situ concrete projects.

"Leaky Building" repairs have also played a big part in Mark's recent work load. He has developed a good practical understanding of the requirements of Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 with regard to the diagnosis and weather tightness repairs of leaky buildings.

Mark is employed by Hawes Building Solutions as the overall Construction Manager.

On a personal note Mark enjoys many outdoor activities including motocross, diving, fishing, water skiing and going to the gym. He is married to Carissa and they have four children.


Why Choose Us?

Extending a house whilst living in it with a young family could have been a very difficult experience, but Hawes Building Solutions with their wonderful team of builders made it easy. As project manager, Mark contributed hugely to this with his fantastic communication skills, organisation and attent…

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