Trade Staff, Cameron Road, Tauranga

Trade Staff

Cameron Road

This project involved a new office fitout that was undertaken while the existing office continued to operate.

Work involved the demolition of existing partitions and office workstations. The new offices were completed in stages in order to allow relocation of staff to new areas with minimal disruption.

Extra precautions were taken in order to minimise hazards due to staff working essentially in a construction zone.

Noisy work was kept to a minimum during working hours and dust was minimised by screening off work areas. Access within the construction area was carefully monitored. Clear signage was erected. Safety inductions were carried out for all personnel on site.

All work was completed quickly and efficiently with an emphasis put on programming and supervision of subcontractors in order to keep the contract period as tight as possible.

The job was finished on time with a smooth transition into the new environment.