Red Cross Remediation

Red Cross Building, Tauranga, Remediation

Hawes Building Solutions has recently completed the remediation of the Red Cross building, Chadwick Rd Tauranga.  We have undertaken many remediation projects over the last 10 years and have a sound understanding of the issues involved.

Originally built in 1998 the home for Tauranga’s Red Cross suffered the same fate of many monolithic direct fixed clad buildings of that era —leaks and rotten wall framing resulting in buildings that are unsafe to occupy.

Building Surveyor Graham Hodgson, (of Preview Building Surveyors), undertook building investigations which informed documentation by Creative Space Architectural Design.  Creative Space and Hawes Building Solutions have worked together many times in recent years remedying leaky buildings . 

Preview Building Surveyors, Creative Space and Hawes Building Solutions worked together to develop a robust solution, drawing on the collective knowledge and expertise of all parties to address and respond to issues on site, as they became known.  As with all leaky buildings, the full extent of the scope of work was unknown at the time of tendering the project.  In this instance what is known and quantifiable is priced and then a series of rates and provisional sums are provided to address issues which are unknown at the time of tender.  Quantity Surveyor for the project, David Seymour of Crowther & Co, worked alongside Hawes and Preview in managing costs on the clients behalf.

Work included replacing the curved feature wall, reforming curved and internal gutters, replacing wall framing whilst retaining internal linings and fitout, reroofing, providing new rigid air barrier and cavity construction with Sto plaster system over Eterpan Ventclad.   Even with additional works requested by the client, the project was completed on time.