Certified Builders

Certified Builders

Being responsible for the construction of the new home for Tauranga-based New Zealand Certified Builders headquarters is a significant honour for Hawes Building Solutions Ltd.  New Zealand Certified Builders brief to the designer (HG Rose) was to present a modern and aesthetically appealing building that would reflect the professional standards the association demands of its members.  HBS have been proud members of the NZ Certified Builders for many years and have a strong relationship with them so being invited to tender on the project and then winning the contract for the project was a privilege.  

Completed in June 2017, the project, valued at over $1,500,000 + GST, involved the initial demolition of an existing building on Marsh Street Tauranga.  The intention was to reuse the slab of the existing building but once new footings had been cut, organic material was discovered which had to be removed.  This resulted in the removal of the entire existing slab and further excavation to address soft ground and liquefaction concerns with a new rib-raft floor slab built.

The most notable feature of the building from the road frontage are the feature curved glulam columns which were salvaged from another building.  These have been finished by sandblasting, painting black with cool colour paint technology and overcoated with a UV protective glaze.  Other features include an exterior Eterpan panel system and both horizontally and vertically fixed Colorsteel cladding.  Internal design features by Rubix Collective provide a unique and modern office work environment.

The design also incorporated a 150mm cross laminated timber floor which was able to be craned into position in less than one day.  Manufactured from 5 layers of criss-crossed timber, this created an instant work platform for safer construction and reduced the amount of work usually expected with framing a floor conventionally .  Being solid timber, the XLam also has significant fire resistant properties when using the known charring rate of timber. 

Fire considerations formed a significant part of the buildings design which is intended to house other tenants in addition to the NZ Certified Builders; the building is sprinklered and the exposed internal structural steel columns and beams are all treated with intumescent paint.

Hawes Building Solutions had a large crew working on the building throughout its 10 month build programme with up to 8 staff plus contractors on site at any time.  Craig Griffin was the site foreman for the project and kept a tight rein on construction quality & programme.  The solid and valued partnership between him and directors Mark Hawes as project manager and Anthony Hawes as quantity surveyor have ensured the efficient delivery of this flagship building for the NZ Certified Builders Association.