Rotorua District Court, Tutanekai Street, Rotorua

Rotorua District Court

Tutanekai Street

This project involved major alterations to the reception area of the Rotorua District Court. All work was undertaken after hours and during weekends and had to be completed in two stages in order to allow the continued operation of the court.

Stage 1 involved the demolition of the existing collections counter and then construction of new counters on a raised timber floor.

The main building works were undertaken from Friday night until Sunday night with subtrades completing their work to a stringent programme after hours during the week.

Once stage 1 was completed, stage 2 was then undertaken in a similar fashion. Precise planning was required with all joinery and glazing manufactured off site to agreed measurements. There was insufficient time to site measure and then manufacture.

Health and Safety issues were carefully considered with hoardings and dust screens being of prime importance.

Security was also a major issue with the Court. All staff required security clearance with site access and security being strictly managed by Hawes Building Solutions.

Unforeseen problems had to be managed and resolved on the spot, as there was no contingency for time overruns allowed.

The project was completed on time.  Excellent communication fostered good relationships with District Court staff throughout the process.