Mt Maunganui Intermediate D Block

Mount Maunganui Intermediate D Block Innovative Learning Environment modification

Hawes Building Solutions has recently completed conversions of existing classrooms at Mt Maunganui Intermediate into flexible learning spaces as part of the schools commitment to provide innovative learning environments for students.

A flexible learning space has the right acoustics, lighting, technology, heating and air quality to support learning. The spaces can be easily configured and used in a number of different ways to support and enable a range of teaching and learning approaches on any given day or at any time of the day.  They can support single teacher whole ‘class’ teaching practice, and can adapt to a broader range of teaching and learning practices and groupings as a school’s education practices evolve over time.

At Mount Maunganui Intermediate we took a standard 2 classroom block with central bagbay and toilets and converted it into a larger conjoined  teaching space allowing diversity of use within.  A roof canopy was extended to create outdoor space that allows classes to flow indoors—outdoors.  A dark colour palette was chosen by the architect to showcase and display the students work and a large joinery unit at the front of the teaching space provides a large amount of storage and allows for options in digital or whiteboard display as well as keeping students bags secure and out of the way.