Matua School Admin Block

Matua School Administration Block

Matua Primary School

Tectum Consultants Ltd was the project manager for this project and contracted Hawes Building Solutions Ltd to complete the extensions and refurbishment work to the schools administration block.

The scope of work included to demolish the exterior walls of the existing staff room and then extend the building to provide additional staff facilities, office and storage space.

Construction was designed to provide a seamless match from old to new and included traditional timber framing with additional structural steel and laminated timber beams where required.  The cladding was 150 x 25 bevel back weather boards to match the existing school design but with new aluminium joinery to replace the old timber joinery.

The interior was completely redecorated with new paint, floor coverings, composition board linings and office furniture.  Exterior works included new decks and a fenced seating area for staff privacy.

As the school was occupied during most of the works, Hawes Building Solutions Ltd paid particular attention to health & safety issues on the site.  A 1.80m high perimeter fence was erected around the entire site together with appropriate safety signage. Noisy works were kept to a minimum using prearranged times to work in with the school’s curriculum.

The work was completed to meet the schools programme and budget requirements with excellent feedback being received.