Kaka St Fire Damage

Kaka Street School Satellite Unit Fire Repairs

Dimensions Architects Ltd was the architect and project manager for this project and contracted Hawes Building Solutions Ltd on behalf of the school to complete the building contract.

The scope of work included demolition and repairs to a significantly fire damaged classroom.

Initial work involved having to remove all fire damaged material and expose all areas of the structure for assessment. Following any structural repairs the remaining timber was treated and sealed for smoke damage.

The exterior involved removal of most of the windows and doors, re-framing and cladding of damaged walls and replacement of the roof.  New aluminium joinery was installed to match the school specification.  A new exterior deck and entry door were also added.

Interior work involved the need to remove the particle board floor and replace structural timber joists and bearers as required by the engineer.  Following this new partitions were erected including a bi-folding door to create separate learning areas.  Finishes included acoustic tiles to ceilings, composition board wall linings and carpet tiles.

As the school was occupied during most of the works, Hawes Building Solutions paid particular attention to health & safety issues on the site.  Perimeter fencing, site safety signage, hazard identification and other safety issues were monitored closely. Noise was kept to a minimum and was also programmed around specific school requirements.

The project was completed on time and to budget.